Jayme Linker, Adventure Athlete

Hello, my name is Jayme Linker, and I have been an endurance/adventure athlete for 12 years. What got me into these sports was the fact that not only was I born with severe debilitating asthma but I developed an eating disorder when I was 12 years old and have struggled for the past 22 years, which is almost 2/3 of my life, and it has given me a reason to stay healthy.

Overcoming the odds

I was hospitalized three times, the third being by far the worst where my outcome of surviving was less than favorable. It has been through these past 22 years that I have had to learn everything about who I am to an obsession level however that is how I have become who I am today.

The races I compete in are some of the hardest events on the planet and I have had to learn how to be able to train and compete while having to adapt my eating in a way that mentally I can not relapse. This is a struggle I have every day and it is through constant hard work that I stay on the positive side of my eating disorder.

Through all of these years of struggling and pushing every boundary imaginable, I have been able to be successful at anything that I put my mind to and that is how I am able to be a positive role model while giving back and helping others so they do not struggle as I have.

Everything I do is to try and learn how and when my mind will break to find that area of weakness and to overcome that so I have strength at all times in my fight.

World Record Holder

This mindset has: made me a world record holder, allowed me to manage my eating and stay recovered for 15 years, and allowed me to help people all over the world who have struggled on their own personal journeys.

I would love to help you along your journey as well, please reach out and we can take the first step together.

Jayme Linker | BIAwear

BIAwear clothing designs and fabrics are personally selected from items that I love and use in my everday life. BIA is the goddess of force, power, and strength, and in order to overcome an eating disorder this is exactly what characteristics it takes.

Jayme Linker | A.R.M. | Adventure Raedy Meals
Adventure Ready Meals

Adventure Ready Meals were created as with all of my adventures, dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are essential and mandatory however there were no pre-packaged foods of this type on the market that would adhere to my dietary needs.

Jayme Linker | Bear Moose Hideaway
Bear Moose Hideaway

Jayme is the founder of “Bear Moose Hideaway;” a hybrid retreat located in the Colorado mountains for treating eating disorders by offering a long term residency solution as well as a resort for those seeking an outdoor oasis.

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