Jayme Linker, Adventure Athlete

I am a world record athlete who has a dream and every day I embody that mindset and lead by example to inspire hope in others to achieve their dreams by helping offer support and personalized solutions. 

Every day is an opportunity I devote to making a positive impact on others.

Whether it be: goal setting, mental toughness, personal training, coaching, customized dehydrated meal creation, nutrition planning, or motivational speaking, I aim to work together to find a solution that works for each individual for optimal success.

In addition, I have dedicated my life to helping those struggling with eating disorders, and 15% of all proceeds made, are donated to Bear Moose Hideaway, a bespoke company that mentors and offers long-term residency options for people struggling with eating disorders.

All sponsorships and donations go towards establishing Bear Moose Hideaway and offering customized treatment programs and resources for those with eating disorders.

Together we can make a difference, so please won’t you join me by donating to my cause so we can help one person at a time!

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