Legal Representation

Why do I need Legal Coverage?

A majority of the positions with Colorado Parks and Wildlife have the potential for some type of liability. Having legal coverage through CSPEPA covers lawsuits that may arise due to the performance of your duties. Anything can happen at anytime, and this coverage could help you in a time of need.

The State of Colorado may or may not cover you if a lawsuit is filed against them. Most of the time the State of Colorado covers its employees when a lawsuit is filed against the state but there are cases where lawsuits can be filed against you specifically or where your interests are not the same as the states. When a lawsuit is filed against a state agency their first priority is going to be for the state. The legal coverage provided through CSPEPA puts the employees’ needs first!

You probably have home insurance and everyone has auto insurance. This is legal insurance for what can happen at work.

Who do I contact if I need Legal Representation

Members of CSPEPA are represented by Bruno, Colin, Goddard & Lowe, P.C. Please contact their firm in the event you need legal coverage. Notify your region representative or other board member upon obtaining counsel. Details of your case will not be shared with the board.


(303) 831-1099