Thanks for your interest in CSPEPA. Here are the answers to a couple of commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact your region representative for further information.

Who can join?

All full time Colorado Parks and Wildlife employees may join this association. We have members that are officers, technicians, and administrative staff.

How do I join?

Applications are available on our website CSPEPA.org or you can contact the current board secretary to receive an application. All applications must be turned in to the current board secretary. The board members then vote on the completed application and if approved, the employee has the cost of the membership deducted directly from their paycheck.

How much is the membership?

Non-certified monthly deduction: $31.00 POST certified monthly deduction: $41.00

Breakdown of monthly deductions:

The Association membership fee is $18.00 per month for POST certified members, and $12.00 per month for non-certified members. The membership fee covers operating and administrative costs, training programs, etc.

POST certified members pay $22.00 per month for legal defense coverage through the Law Offices of Bruno, Colin, & Lowe, P.C. (BCL), Non-certified, civilian members pay $18.00 legal defense.
$1 of the monthly fees go towards the Natural Resource Professional Assistance Fund (NRPAF) to help fellow professionals in times of need.

How often are the meetings and who can attend?

The meetings are held a minimum of four times per year. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed. Anyone may attend these meetings and are encouraged to do so. An association is only as good as the involvement of members, so coming to meetings to provide input or to bring a topic to the table is beneficial.

What kind of training opportunities are available?

Past trainings have included “Lone Officer Survival Tactics”, “Civil Liability, Critical Incidents, and costs associated with attending the Parks Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) annual conference. The CSPEPA Board is attempting to offer training opportunities to its members in locations along the front range and on the West Slope. Contact any CSPEPA member to request additional training opportunities or information.

What kind of retirement benefit will I receive

The retirement benefit applies to those individuals who have been a member in good standing for ten consecutive years. At the time of retirement, the individual will receive a maximum of $500.00 from the association. A prorated amount will be awarded to members in good standing for less than 10 years.

What is the CSPEPA store?

The CSPEPA store is where you can purchase many of your uniform needs with your One Card. There are items available for administrative staff, technicians and officers. You do NOT have to be a CSPEPA member to purchase items from the store.

All of the items come with the uniform patches already included on them. CSPEPA receives a small portion of each sale made through the store. To get access to the store, contact a CSPEPA representative to receive the password to the website. The website has a password to prevent the general public form purchasing uniform items with logos on them.