It shall be the purpose of this Association to provide members in good standing with retirement benefits, legal protection, liaison to Colorado Parks & Wildlife management staff, and representation in matters concerning Association membership.

Membership in the Colorado State Parks Employees’ Protective Association (the “Association”), a non-profit organization, shall be open to all persons who are employees of Colorado Parks & Wildlife (the “Division”). Upon acceptance of membership, when approved by a majority of the Board of Directors, and under whatever terms as may be specified by the Board of Directors, applicants agree to accept the duty of paying all dues regularly assessed. Membership dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors by policy, but are not to exceed forty-one dollars ($41.00) per month for commissioned members and thirty-one dollars ($31.00) for non-commissioned members.

Upon acceptance, members of the Association will be eligible for legal defense as provided by the Association pursuant to Article XIV, herein, except that employees will not be eligible for that part of the legal defense pertaining to personnel actions until six months after the employee has successfully completed their probationary period.

“Member in good standing” shall mean those who have paid all dues and assessments of the Association and who meet the qualifications as set forth above.

The Board of Directors, by written policy, may establish other categories of membership such as but not limited to associate or honorary, with such membership benefits to be established in said policy.


The Association is maintained to provide benefits and protective features of the Association only to members in good standing and those meeting all of the qualifications of membership as set out in Article I hereof.

A person shall cease to be a member of the Association and shall cease to have any rights or privileges in the Association when his or her employment with the Division is terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily, except that members subject to involuntary termination shall continue to maintain the benefit of legal defense coverage as provided in Article XIV and the provisions of any legal defense agreement in place at the time of involuntary termination. No member shall claim or demand a return of any membership dues paid or contribution or donations made to the Association nor shall he be entitled thereto upon serving his connection as an active member of the Association.

If a member in good standing is separated from the Division by reason of lay off, such member shall be reinstated to membership in the Association upon rehire by the Division if said rehire is within a period of five years from the date of the layoff, except that such person shall not continue to pay dues into the Association nor receive any benefits of the Association from the time they are laid off until they are rehired.

Members, in good standing, who are members of the National Guard or military reserves, and have been called to active duty, will have their legal dues covered by CSPEPA for a period of up to 12 months. If members return to work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife at the end of their active duty, they shall automatically resume full membership in CSPEPA and pay the current membership dues.

Any member of the Association who retires or is otherwise separated from the Division, shall not continue to pay dues into the Association, nor retain membership in said Association, nor receive any benefits of the Association except as set forth in Article XV.


The control and management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in a Board of Directors, consisting of seven (7) members to be elected as herein provided. The Board of Directors shall hold four (4) regular board meetings per calendar year. Such regular board meetings shall occur at regular intervals of not less than 30 days during the calendar year. Special meetings may be called as necessary by any Board Member for the conduct of Association business.


The mode and manner of representation on the Board of Directors shall be as follows: One (1) Board member from the following regions: Northeast Region, Southeast Region, Northwest Region, and Southwest Region. There will be One (1) Board member for each of the following at-large positions: At-Large A, At-Large B, and At-Large C. Each Board member shall be elected for a two-year term. Board members may not serve more than two consecutive terms. However, following completion of consecutive two year terms, a Board member may seek re-election after at least one additional two year term has elapsed. Partial terms, as set forth in Article VI will not count against a Board member’s term limit. Candidates shall be nominated and elected from their respective areas. Members shall only vote for candidates from their respective region, and for candidates for the at large positions.

Election for Board members from the Southeast Region, Southwest Region, At-Large A, and At-Large C positions shall be held on even numbered years (2006, 2008, 2010, ECT.) Election for Board members from the Northwest Region, Northeast Region, and At-Large B positions shall be held on odd number years (2005, 2007, 2009, ECT.)


All voting shall be made by secret ballot. Voting shall be conducted through such electronic means as dictated by the board at its discretion. Each member shall have one (1) vote for his /her regional representative and one (1) vote for each at-large representative. Ballots will be counted by the Secretary and two (2) other Board members. The membership shall be notified of the outcome of the elections through the minutes of the next meeting. In the case of an uncontested vacancy for any Board position, the Board has the authority to appoint the sole candidate to that position in lieu of an election.


In the case of a vacancy of the Board of Directors caused by resignation or employee transfer from the region, the Board may name a successor to fill the same position from the voting region in which the vacancy occurred, and such successor shall serve the remainder of the term.


The Board of Directors shall select from among their number at the first meeting each year, the executive officers of the Association, Consisting of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The duties of the president shall be to act as chairman at all meetings and as the chief executive officer. The vice-president shall act in the absence of the president. The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, prepare and mail notices and handle all business usually incumbent on that office. The treasurer shall be responsible for the administration of the financial affairs of the Association and may delegate such duties as are allowed by these bylaws or as the board shall approve.


The Board of Directors is authorized to employ legal counsel when deemed necessary and is authorized to pay reasonable fees thereof and may likewise employ a bookkeeper, and pay a reasonable compensation for services. The duties of the bookkeeper shall be to safe keep the funds of the Association and to see that all dues are properly paid and credited to the Association Fund. The bookkeeper shall furnish a statement of the Association’s financial condition to the Board and membership when requested, but at least once a year at the first Board meeting each year.


All disbursements shall be made by the treasurer or president of the Association


The Board of Directors may invest the funds of the Association in securities or deposit certificates legally approved for trust funds and in any issue of the United States Bonds or Certificates. No personal loans, either to a member or any other person, shall be made from the funds of this Association.


All directors and appointed committee members shall serve without pay, but may receive mileage and expenses from the Association in the same amount as that allowed by the State of Colorado when on official duty or service.


For the conduct of lawful business of this Association, a quorum shall consist of a majority unless otherwise specifically required. A majority shall consist of 4 members of the Board. The Board of Directors shall have the right to establish written policies and procedures for the purpose of conducting the lawful business of the Association. Establishment of such policies and procedures shall not require a vote of the membership so long as such policies and procedures are not in conflict with these Bylaws.


Under the terms and for this Article, the Board of Directors is hereby authorized to draw from the fund of the Colorado State Park’s Employees’ Protective Association in the amount not to exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total assets for the purpose of addressing issues which directly affect membership.


The board of Directors shall contract with a legal firm to provide legal defense coverage for its membership. This contract should provide coverage, but not limited to , the following types of actions: duty related critical incidents, duty related administrative/disciplinary actions, duty related civil defense, duty related criminal defense, and duty related traffic accidents.


Any member in good standing, having all dues and assessments paid up to the time of application, who has reached retirement, either by age, or years of service, or who may have a service incurred disability requiring retirement, and who applies for and is granted retirement from active service with the Division, shall have entered, and be entitled to a benefit not to exceed Six Hundred dollars ($600) from the funds of the Colorado State Parks Employees’ Protective Association. Any member eligible for the retirement benefit must request the benefit, in writing, to any current CSPEPA board member within one year of their last day of service. Any member that fails to request their retirement benefit within one year of their last day of service will forfeit any retirement benefit from CSPEPA. The retirement benefit shall be based on and prorated to said member on the basis of Fifty Dollars ($50) per consecutive year of membership, starting from and including the year they were accepted as a member in the Colorado State Parks Employees’ Protective Association or its predecessor organization PAW (Parks and Wildlife). A member may elect to continue legal coverage for one year following retirement at the rate paid for legal coverage at the time of retirement. Fees shall be paid in a single lump sum deducted from the retirement benefit.


Changes in these Bylaws shall be presented to the membership for approval. Approval shall be by ballot and shall be by a simple majority of votes received.


Upon dissolution of the cooperation the assets of the corporation shall be disposed of as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.